ACT PQed for Holbæk Arena


The sports facilities in Holbæk are generally worn. Therefore, the City Council have conducted a vision phase and recently the city council have selected participants for the architectural competition for a new arena where the key words are flexibility, openness and inclusiveness.

The competition includes a master plan that includes a comprehensive plan for Holbæk sports facilities, including the necessary infrastructure. A master plan area of 42 hectares. The master plan should include a central building, swimming pool, ice-skating rink, cycle track, jump and motor skills facilities, movement halls, athletics facilities, jogging and walking trails, play and dance areas, amphitheater, football stadium, ball courts, tennis courts, BMX track, workshop and garage buildings and recreational areas.

Sports and activities and the more free dynamic city life where movement and different activities can take place, is an important element in the cities, that generates  life and diversity, and which can naturally contribute to public health. Movement and activity is fundamental in our lives and everyday, which helps to bring people together, form communities and, not least, strengthening our health and well being.

It is therefore with special interests that ACT together with COBE, Vilhelm Lauritzen and Ramboll, look forward to this assignment.

This competition opens the possibility of creating a completely new agenda for urban planning and designs, where sports, health and social sustainability is the focal point for a new recreational and active urban area. We see this task as an interesting starting point to develop the area into a modern public facility that is in keeping with the sports trends, user needs and urban challenges.

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