Albertslund South

Det urbane Byrum

Urban transformation of Albertslund South.

Albertslund contains a variety of leisure activities and offers a broad range of cultural events. On top of that the area does also holds great forests and great green areas. These offers of activities and attractions must be easily accessible and consistent with the everyday activities of the locals. Formal activities are present in abundance in Albertslund, but the opportunity for the informal and the more intimate space for activity and recreation that communicates directly with the day to day life of the users is lacking.

The focus in Albertslund South is to develope and offer attractive surroundings, integrated in their local community, in where people are encouraged to move and to exercise. Opportunities for physical and social activities in the public realm contains a socially uniting effect wherein arbitrary connections and meetings arise. This encourages and enhances a vibrant and strong public life in the community.

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