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Indvielse af Pladsen i Trekroner
Indvielse af Pladsen i Trekroner

Fredag d. 05 september blev Pladsen i Trekroner indviet ! Projektet som begyndte i 2012 står nu klar til indvielse og vi hos ACT er utrolig glade for resultatet. Roskilde Kommunes borgmester Joy Mogensen, RUC’s universitetsdirektør Peter Lauritzen og Formand for Lokale og Anlægsfonden Mette Touborg vil forestå åbningen af pladsen og i samlet flok […]


PARK N’ PLAY is ACTs ambitious competitionproposal that seeks to reinvent the parkinghouse typology. The project amplifies the urban qualities and activities by prolonging the range of these up through the elevations and on to the roof. With a breathing and adaptable façade system the four facades are designed specifically for their four very different […]


Great to start of 2014 by celebrating yet another winning proposal. In collaboration with Rundquist Achitects, Nivå Landscapearchitects og Rambøll Traffic, ACT wins a large urban development project for the area Valparaiso in Norra Djurgårdssatden/Värtahamnen in Stockholm. Invited to the competition was also 3XN and JUUL&FROST Read more about the project, VALPARAISO

ACT speaking at PULS
ACT forelæser på PULSACT speaking at PULS

The conference focuses on how to create urban life, and not least the importance of public meetingplaces and various activity possibilities. The conference is being held at Malmö public library. 19 september, 2013.  For more information, program and booking see http://www.innovativespeaker.com/

ACT PQed for Valparaiso
ACT prækvalificeret til ValparaisoACT PQed for Valparaiso

ACT selected for parallel assignment of Valparaiso Along with Rundquist architects, Nivå landscape architecture and Ramboll, we are selected as one of three teams for the parallel assignment for the development of Valparaiso in Stockholm.   The area will over the coming years undergo an extensive transformation process. From the harbour area to an attractive […]

ACT is prequalified for LAGA BURG 2018
ACT er prækvalificeret til LAGA BURG 2018ACT is prequalified for LAGA BURG 2018

Active City Transformation is prequalified for LAGA BURG 2018 The task is to develop a master plan, introducing a green landscape concept into the city, renovating the old historical part, and development of an attractive touristic profile for Burg. The Landesgartenschau (LAGA) shall improve the quality of life and the ecological environment in the city. The […]

ACT PQed for Holbæk Arena
ACT prækvalificeret til Holbæk ArenaACT PQed for Holbæk Arena

ACTIVE CITY TRANSFORMATION PQED FOR HOLBÆK ARENA The sports facilities in Holbæk are generally worn. Therefore, the City Council have conducted a vision phase and recently the city council have selected participants for the architectural competition for a new arena where the key words are flexibility, openness and inclusiveness. The competition includes a master plan […]


FLODA Active City Transformation has developed an masterplan proposal for the city Floda, Sweden in an open project competition The project addresses the immediate concerns of rising waterlevels in coastal cities and communities and opportunistically proposes to simultaneously increase both natural and cultural recreational spaces, through a holistic approach on climate change and urban development. Read […]

A Coherent Svendborg
Et Samlet SvendborgA Coherent Svendborg

Svendborg Municipality wants a master plan for a number of the City center’s main space: Krøyer Garden, part of Skole Street, Ramsherred, Torvet, Lille torvet and part of Mollergade from predominantly traffic areas to urban spaces where pedestrians and cyclists movements priority. The purpose of the competition is to increase Svendborg’s inner-city attraction as dynamic […]

ACT wins EJBY – a urban pocket in the suburb
ACT vinder EJBY – en urban lomme i forstadenACT wins EJBY - a urban pocket in the suburb

ACT wins, in collaboration with CCO, Okra and Smith Innovation 1 prize in the competition, EJBY – a urban pocket in the suburb. Read more about, EJBY CAMPUS Read more, Architectural association


  Roskilde Municipality asked Active City Transformation to develop a project proposal for a meeting- and activity area by the lake in Trekroner, Roskilde. The intention of the project is to transform the area in relation to the lake in Trekroner, which today is open and windy, and only used to a limited extent, to […]


  Untergriesbach’s central area have to be redesigned with improved functionality, high attraction value, identification and a broad variety of social and active use. Active City Transformation was the only “non-German” office invited to the competition. Read more about, UNTERGRIESBACH

Ernst-Abbe Platz
Ernst-Abbe PlatzErnst-Abbe Platz

  The city of Jena pursued through a number of investment, an upgrade of the central downtown area, that will make it a major and vibrant center of the city and the region. The Architectural Competition for upgrading Ernst-Abbe-Platz, is part of this vision. Ernst-Abbe-Platz serves as a campus, and as a central meeting place […]

Albertslund South
Albertslund SydAlbertslund South

Urban transformation of Albertslund South. Albertslund contains a variety of leisure activities and offers a broad range of cultural events. On top of that the area does also holds great forests and great green areas. These offers of activities and attractions must be easily accessible and consistent with the everyday activities of the locals. Formal […]

Urban Life
Byliv, Der betaler sigUrban Life
Thomas B. Thriges Gade
Thomas B. Thriges GadeThomas B. Thriges Gade

THOMAS B. THRIGES GADE – FROM STREET TO CITY One of the biggest city developments project in Denmark ‘From street to city’ offers new proposals on new urban development strategies and methods wherein temporary initiatives and urban life together make up the frame for the future developments. With the proposal “The Historic New” new proposals […]

A Dramatic Detour Opens
Indvielse af En Voldsom OmvejA Dramatic Detour Opens

Yesterday was the ceremonial opening of UP, the first phase of A Dramatic Detour. The area includes various recreational activities, such as climbing and sliding. There is also an outlook platform near the top of the berm, where one can enjoy the view over the cityscape. The realization of A Dramatic Detour will occur in […]

Aktiverende Arkitektur og Byplanlægning
Aktiverende Arkitektur og Byplanlægning

Aktiverende Arkitektur og Byplanlæging is Rasmus’s new publication, which categorizes 50 different examples of active urban spaces and provides a series of planing tools and principles for designing more active urban projects. Unfortunately, this publication is only available in Danish, but look for the upcoming English translation.

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