In collaboration with KANT architects and OBH Consulting Engineers ACT has in carried out the exciting project of enhancing the learning environment for Metropolitan University College, as well as to create room for 900 students. The task of was 3.300m2 new construction, 8.300m2 transformation and 3.000m2 Landscape. The Project is currently under construction More Info, […]


Active City Transformation have developed a projectproposal for a Citypark by the South Harbour. The overall concept takes into account and articulates the contextual qualities through a coherent route of activities and recreational spaces while simultaneously dealing with the immediate rainwater management issues. The Cityparks recreational features along with the possibilities of physical activities and […]

The Nation Gallery’s New Museum Garden
SMK MUSEUMSHAVENThe Nation Gallery's New Museum Garden
ACT wins School Project in cph
ACT vinder Skolen ved SøerneACT wins School Project in cph

Active City Transformation have in collaboration with AART and Tækker Consulting Engineers, won the project competition for the extension and rebuilding of Skolen ved Søerne at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. In the jury report, Frederiksberg Municipality highlights how the winning proposal creates aesthetic, functional and organizational qualities that interact with the beautiful area by the lakes […]

Eventcity Refshaleøen
Eventcity Refshaleøen

Projektet foreslår et byområde, der kan imødekomme et bredt spektre af aktiviteter og events på samme tid, og som samtidigt giver plads til spontane og uforudsete udfoldelser. Eventcity Refshaleøen består af 6 forskellige byenklaver. Stranden, Parken, SportCity, Haverummet, Kurdokken og Scenepladsen. Eventcity Refshaleøen, skal blive et byområde hvor bolig, erhverv, kulturaktiviteter, service, rekreation, sport og […]

Copenhagen City Dynamics
Copenhagen City Dynamics
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