Climateadaptation Kokkedal
Klimatilpasning KokkedalClimateadaptation Kokkedal

CLIMATE ADAPTATION KOKKEDAL Climate Adaptation Kokkedal is a competition about the largest climate adaptation project in Denmark. The project in Kokkedal has to show how climate challenges, urban development and social housing challenges can be addressed together in a climate adaptation project in which the increased rainfall are used as recreational and active resource. In […]

ACT shared winner of “City in Between – Aalborg East”
ACT delt vinder af "City in Between - Aalborg Øst"ACT shared winner of "City in Between - Aalborg East"

ACT is shared winner of phase 1 in the competition, “City in Between – Aalborg East, a strategy for a international and sustainable suburb”, together with Schønherr, BIG, Rambøll, Trejde Natur a.m. We are looking forward to 2 phase of the project. Read more about the project, CITY IN BETWEEN


  Roskilde Municipality asked Active City Transformation to develop a project proposal for a meeting- and activity area by the lake in Trekroner, Roskilde. The intention of the project is to transform the area in relation to the lake in Trekroner, which today is open and windy, and only used to a limited extent, to […]


  Untergriesbach’s central area have to be redesigned with improved functionality, high attraction value, identification and a broad variety of social and active use. Active City Transformation was the only “non-German” office invited to the competition. Read more about, UNTERGRIESBACH

Ernst-Abbe Platz
Ernst-Abbe PlatzErnst-Abbe Platz

  The city of Jena pursued through a number of investment, an upgrade of the central downtown area, that will make it a major and vibrant center of the city and the region. The Architectural Competition for upgrading Ernst-Abbe-Platz, is part of this vision. Ernst-Abbe-Platz serves as a campus, and as a central meeting place […]

PQ Glostrup, Ejby
PQ Glostrup, Ejby PQ Glostrup, Ejby

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PQ Aalborg – The City in between
PQ Aalborg – The City in betweenPQ Aalborg – The City in between

Rising sea levels and flooding, along with other climate problems require focus and specific solutions. Therefore, ACT developed a proposal for Europan 11, Nynäshamn, where flooding of the site from both the Baltic and rain water is a real problem. The proposal Shifting Fields transforms flooding and rising sea level into a productive and active […]

The Nation Gallery’s New Museum Garden
SMK MUSEUMSHAVENThe Nation Gallery's New Museum Garden
Urban Life
Byliv, Der betaler sigUrban Life
ACT wins International Garden Festival
ACT vinder International Garden FestivalACT wins International Garden Festival

Active City Transformation wins the International Garden Festival, Ponte de Lima in Portugal. The proposal “Taste The Slope“ focuses on the connection between the cultivation of food, the eating of them and physical activity. The project strives to create a more meaningful public understanding about the food we grow and eat. The idea behind the […]

ACT wins School Project in cph
ACT vinder Skolen ved SøerneACT wins School Project in cph

Active City Transformation have in collaboration with AART and Tækker Consulting Engineers, won the project competition for the extension and rebuilding of Skolen ved Søerne at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. In the jury report, Frederiksberg Municipality highlights how the winning proposal creates aesthetic, functional and organizational qualities that interact with the beautiful area by the lakes […]

ACT Qualifies for Round 2 in Odense
ACT kvalificerer sig til 2. runde i OdenseACT Qualifies for Round 2 in Odense

ACT has reached the second round of competition for the international urban planning project “From Street to City” in Odense. A collaboration between the Municipality of Odense and Realdania, the goal of the project is to restore the once cohesive and active urban core of Odense by returning the urban street to pedestrians, developing better […]

A Dramatic Detour Opens
Indvielse af En Voldsom OmvejA Dramatic Detour Opens

Yesterday was the ceremonial opening of UP, the first phase of A Dramatic Detour. The area includes various recreational activities, such as climbing and sliding. There is also an outlook platform near the top of the berm, where one can enjoy the view over the cityscape. The realization of A Dramatic Detour will occur in […]

ACT Wins Masterplan Competition in Asker
1. Præmie i konkurrence om byudvikling i AskerACT Wins Masterplan Competition in Asker

The Municipality of Asker in Norway has taken the next step in transforming its city center into a more dynamic and active place for its citizens. ACT, as part of team DABERA, was awarded first prize for “In the Loop”, the team’s proposal for the urban redevelopment and expansion of the city center. ACT now […]

The Nation Gallery’s New Museum Garden
SMK MuseumshavenThe Nation Gallery's New Museum Garden

Active City Transformation, together with GHB, Rekommanderet and Sloth Møller, is now pre-qualified for the competition to design the Nation Gallery’s New Museum Garden in Copenhagen. Read more about the project competition on the Nation Art Gallery’s website here

English translation now available online!
English translation now available online!English translation now available online!

An English translation of Rasmus’s book is now available online. Activating Architecture and Urban Planning, is a design manual consisting of guidelines and case descriptions that describe attractive, active urban spaces. The book illustrates different strategies and methods for incorporating sports and recreation into the urban environment. Download a PDF copy of the book here.

The School by the Lakes
Skolen ved SøerneThe School by the Lakes
Føyka / Elvely Prequalification
Føyka / Elvely PrækvalifikationFøyka / Elvely Prequalification

Active City Transformation has pre-qualified for the competition to develop and revitalize Asker’s city center. The vision for the area is to create more density, green spaces and inviting sports/exercise areas. Besides an increase in density within the urban structure, an activity park is to be developed for various ages and user-groups. Team DABERA consists […]

Thomas B. Thriges Gade Prequalification
Thomas B. Thriges Gade PrækvalifikationThomas B. Thriges Gade Prequalification

Active City Transformation, part of Team ADEPT, has been selected to participate in “From Street to City”, one of the most significant and challenging urban competitions in recent times in Denmark, which will transform Thomas B. Thriges Gade in Odense from a streetscape to a new, lively urban neighborhood. ACT’s role will be to develop […]

ACT Wins With A Dramatic Detour
En Voldsom Omvej Udvalgt som vinderforslagACT Wins With A Dramatic Detour

ACT’s planning concept, A Dramatic Detour, was selected as 1 of 9 winning proposals for A Good Detour and will receive financial support for the realization of the project. Noise barriers are a specific typology of landscape, which unfortunately are often inaccessible to their neighboring residential areas. This is primarily due to the fact that […]

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