City in Nature



Aalborg East was built in the 1960s and ’70s – where the joy of the individual housing was in focus. Today we build neighborhoods where the character of the landscape, neighborhood, sustainability and different types of accommodation are integrated from the start.

The concept for the new city area is based on local conditions. In the settlement pattern of Aalborg, the history of urban development, in the geology, the topography, and especially in the wind and the water. The intention is to use this simple story as structuring element for the future development of the city.

The foundation for the development of Aalborg East, are 3 concepts that also characterizes the story of Aalborg: The North-Denmark Nerve, Good neighborhood and Nature.

The edge areas are redefined so that the traditional suburban sprawl and the concept is changed. Nature becomes the new focal point for both recreationally, active as climatic conditions – this planning strategy is enacted CITY IN NATURE.

Project: Masterplan
Location: Aalborg, Denmark
Type: Invited competition
Size: 5.000.000 sqm
Budget: –
Client: The municipality of Aalborg and Realdania
Collaboration: Schønherr, BIG, Ramboll UK, Tredje Natur, BBN Consult, Malene Freudendal Pedersen and the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
Status: shared 1. st prize
Service: Activity design, Urban design

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