Metropolitan University College is a significant connection point between The Science City Nørre Campus and city of Copenhagen. Science City’s five clusters: Haraldsgade, The University Park, The “Ancient” City, Panum and National State Hospital are connected by an extensive knowledge network – a system of public spaces, pedestrian and bicycle paths. The Metropol route being a part of this network creates a transverse connection between the Metopol Square, Skjolds Square and The lakes, where The University park’s small sports facilities, The Fælled Park large commons recreational areas, exercise stations, skate park and playgrounds will be directly related.

A living Local Area
Towards Sigurdsgade, two different urban outdoor spaces are established; Agora Square and the Urban Pocket and against Rådmandsgade Parktiv are established. In the ground floor of the new building the extrovert functions of The nutrition educations, the new Foodtheater are placed, creating a functional and spatial relationship between Sigurdsgade and the two urban spaces. The new urban spaces are programmed, so that they create an active frame for different teaching at Metropol in the daytime, and for use by school students as well as local residents of the area in the evening hours.

The future Metropolitan University is an educational facility and areas that lives. There are facilities, activities and an atmosphere that makes students and employees, use, interact and stay at locations beyond the current teaching and working hours. Partners and the local communities are invited into the area and are invited to participate

Project: Transformation, New building and Landscape
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Type: Commision
Size: 14.600 sqm
Budget: 140.000.000 DKR
Client: Metropolitan University College
Role: Lead Landskab
Collaboration: Kant Arkitekter, OBH Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma
Status: Under construction, 2014-2016
Service: Program, Activity design, Landscape, Public Space design

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