VandPlus Solrød
VandPlus SolrødVandPlus Solrød

VANDPLUS SOLRØD The project VandPlus Solrød responds to the need for an immediate climate change adaptation strategy in the municipality of Solrød. This project transforms an inaccessible and unused plot into a park, activity center, educational laboratory, and water management facility. The project gets its richness from the intersection of these programs. VandPlus enhances the […]

ACT PQed for Multihal Langvang
ACT prækvalificeret til Multihal LangvangACT PQed for Multihal Langvang

Active City Transformation is prequalified for Multihal Langvang Once again ACT, is prequalified, together with COBE to make a proposal for an innovative and visionary leisure project that unites many different activities and sports with architecture and landscape. On the team are also Wessberg Consulting Engineers and Norconsult Consulting Engineers.  Read more about the project, SPORTSHØJ […]

ACT speaking at PULS
ACT forelæser på PULSACT speaking at PULS

The conference focuses on how to create urban life, and not least the importance of public meetingplaces and various activity possibilities. The conference is being held at Malmö public library. 19 september, 2013.  For more information, program and booking see


ACT has been pre-qualified and selected to participate in the project on the transformation of closed schools into new activity center in smaller communities. Our team consists of Rønnow Architects and Engineers EKJ and in cooperation with the Municipality of Hjørring and the local community, we will create new opportunities for Vrensted School. Read more […]

ACT wins Holbæk Arena
ACT vinder Holbæk ArenaACT wins Holbæk Arena

In collaboration with Cobe, Vilhelm Lauritzen and Ramboll, ACT wins 1. Prize in the master plan competition for a new sports and activity center in southwestern Holbæk. A main element in the architectural concept of the proposal “Holbæk Loop, an active cityarea in Holbæk”, is a series of loops that bind the various facilities in […]


Active City Transformation have developed a projectproposal for a Citypark by the South Harbour. The overall concept takes into account and articulates the contextual qualities through a coherent route of activities and recreational spaces while simultaneously dealing with the immediate rainwater management issues. The Cityparks recreational features along with the possibilities of physical activities and […]

ACT PQed for Valparaiso
ACT prækvalificeret til ValparaisoACT PQed for Valparaiso

ACT selected for parallel assignment of Valparaiso Along with Rundquist architects, Nivå landscape architecture and Ramboll, we are selected as one of three teams for the parallel assignment for the development of Valparaiso in Stockholm.   The area will over the coming years undergo an extensive transformation process. From the harbour area to an attractive […]

ACT selected for WATERPLUS
ACT udvalgt i VANDPLUSACT selected for WATERPLUS

Active City Transformation is selected for Realdanias and LOA-Fondens campaign WATER PLUS Space for rain and activity! In collaboration with Solrød Municipality, the vision for the project “The Wedge” is to create a framework for a community-forming and activity-promoting use of a central urban area, which in addition contributes to the realization of Solrød’s climate […]

Hillerød Sundkile
Hillerød SundkileHillerød Sundkile

In a collaboration with Orbicon and ÅF Hansen og Henneberg ACT has developed a competition proposal for the development of Hillerød South in the wake of the comming investments in the Hospital Nordsjælland and the new train station complex. These two provide the foundation for the future development of Hillerød South. This development is focused […]

ACT on to second phase in HOLBÆK ARENA
ACT videre til fase 2 i HOLBÆK ARENAACT on to second phase in HOLBÆK ARENA

  In collaboration with COBE, Vilhelm Lauritzen and Rambøll our proposal HOLBÆK LOOP is on to second phase in the development of the future sports- and activity facilities in Holbæk Arena. In the first phase, the entries were judged on their architectural, functional and technical solutions according to the competition briefs requirements as the project […]

ACT is prequalified for LAGA BURG 2018
ACT er prækvalificeret til LAGA BURG 2018ACT is prequalified for LAGA BURG 2018

Active City Transformation is prequalified for LAGA BURG 2018 The task is to develop a master plan, introducing a green landscape concept into the city, renovating the old historical part, and development of an attractive touristic profile for Burg. The Landesgartenschau (LAGA) shall improve the quality of life and the ecological environment in the city. The […]

ACT PQed for Holbæk Arena
ACT prækvalificeret til Holbæk ArenaACT PQed for Holbæk Arena

ACTIVE CITY TRANSFORMATION PQED FOR HOLBÆK ARENA The sports facilities in Holbæk are generally worn. Therefore, the City Council have conducted a vision phase and recently the city council have selected participants for the architectural competition for a new arena where the key words are flexibility, openness and inclusiveness. The competition includes a master plan […]