Scandiagade - Collage_Skatestage


Projectproposal for a social activity area in Scandiagade, Copenhagen.

The overall concept for the CITYPARK for the South Harbour area is to create a strong and coherent structure that defines and articulates smaller and more intimate spaces that offer a variety of different options for social and physical activities. Each area is developed with a specific identity and function but together they appear as coherent entities of the greater concept and the contexts existing features. The overall concept is hence made up by an interweaving of established points and activities.

The aim is to offer new ways of movement and exercise partly by developing a continuos structure to which a diverse range of experiences and activities attach themselves to and partly by combining a broad variety of programs as playground and sensory gardens, tribune and climbing, a stage and skating facilities, rainwater basin and recreation, ball-play and parkour. This dictates a social and cultural mingling between the neighborhoods residents.

More precisely the Citypark for the South Harbour is established and developed through four themes that relate to the existing conditions along with the articulated visions:

Togetherness: Social forums and community
Physical exercise: Activity and exercise opportunities
Recreational space: Recreative and attractive social meeting spaces
Nature: Nature experiences and sustainability

The total concept for the Citypark for the South Harbour is hence a compilation of these elements that alternatly presents nature – play – recreation – plants – stage – tribune – nature etc. and thereby highlights the contrast between the green elements that are articulated through a variety of activities and the range of recreational facilities. Through an intimate community involvement process three overall activity areas have been defined. Each area articulates programmed spaces that invites the community to recreation and physical activities.

Project: Public space
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Type: Commision
Size: 4800 sqm
Budget: 6 mill.DK
Client: AKB/KAB
Collaboration: –
Status: Under development
Service: Public space design, Activity design and Rainwater management

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