Sportshøj Langvang

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Sportshøj Langvang (Sportsbarrow Langvang) is an ambitious competition proposal for a new multipurpose sportsfacility in Randers. The project is developed from within the formal language of the characteristic landscape of the site. Hence the facility is developed as a new barrow.

Sportshøj Lang initiates the important development of Randers city and “hinterland” in where health, wellbeing, nature and sustainability collectively create an attractive and active urban area which responds to the contemporary challenges with regards to actively engage people in sports, health and integration.

The strategy of the development of the Sportshøj Langvang derives from contemporary tendencies in sports and physical activities and the surrounding landscape. This offers a unique chance to develop an urban area in where sports, nature, water, sustainability and health are the main priorities.

Sportshøj Langvang is a hill, a mountain, an active surface. It’s a number of stacked boxes, a bookshelf, a small village and a possibility of physical fulfilment. In other words the project is based upon making the best possible frames for physical activities, social interaction and cultural exchange.

Project: Masterplan
Location: Randers, Danmark
Type: Prequalified competion
Size: 750.000 sqm
Budget: – ?
Client: Municipality of Randers, Lokale- og Anlægsfonden
Role: Sub-designer
Collaboration: COBE Aps, Wessberg Rådgivende Ingeniører, Norconsult Rådgivende Ingeniører
Status: 1st phase competition
Service: Masterplan, Activity design

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