Albertslund South

Det urbane Byrum

Project competition about an urban tranformation in Albertslund South along with refurbishment of 1000 courtyard houses

The main concept for Albertslund South is based on four measures, which connect town, nature, movement and activities and furthermore interact with each other, creating a cohesive whole. The measures consist of; A Green Urban Corridor, The Loop, Public Plazas and renovation of the buildings.


The green urban corridor runs north-south and connects the surrounding areas with buildings. It connects the North and South, creating a continuous spatial structure between Hersted Common house, Hersted school, sports facilities and the recreational activities in Kongsholm park. Along this green axis various attractions and recognizable patterns are developed, targeted all residents of Albertslund South. It should simply be attractive to cycle or walk along the route.


The Loop is an continues sequence which contains a number of points along the developed circle. It is a”neighbourhood” path, which creates identity while differentiating each area and creating activities and architectural experiences along this Loop. This new element will increase and strengthen the district’s attractiveness and together with the existing functions, it will serve as guideposts to raise the visibility of Albertslund South’s opportunities and activities.


The various elements, such as housing, roads, trails and green spaces are varying in size and scale, creating a differentiated visual experience and giving the feel of a heterogeneous urbanity. The revitalization of the district establishes a new context for identity and differentiation of the outdoor areas. In order to achieve this, a new organizational principle was established, a new modern hierarchy that merges the urban spaces and buildings. This is achieved by reducing the footpaths, by letting the private gardens occupy the common spaces and by redefining public spaces. A new landscape archetype is added.

Project: Master planning
Location: Albertslund South
Type:  Invited Competition
Size: 75.000 sqm
Budget: 878 mio.DKK.
Client: Albertslund Boligselvskab (AB), VridsløselilleAndelsboligforening (VA), BO-VEST
Collaboration: C. F. Møller, EKJ ingeniører
Status:  Settled
Service: Development strategy, Activity Strategy, Landscape and Public space Design.

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