Active City Transformation have in collaboration with CCO Architects (Denmark), Okra (Holland) and Smith Innovation, been awarded with the 1st prize in the competition “EJBY – an urban pocket in the suburb”.

EJBY – an urban pocket in the suburb” was a parallel competition about the transformation of Ejby business area into a modern and vibrant urban pocket. The competition was part of the Realdania initiative “Future Suburbs”, which aims to create debate and visions for the future sustainable development of suburbs in Denmark.

The winning proposal “Ejby Campus” describes the vision of creating a generous green environment and the intention to promote the widely accessibility and a divers use of them.

The word Campus is Latin and means open field and the typology is primarily known from the British and American educational environments. As an identity The Campus holds the undisputed quality, of a well-balanced relationship between natural landscape and buildings. In Ejby Campus it is in the open green space that synergy and activities occurs and where people and companies can meet.

Three sub-regions with distinctly different qualities characterize the development plan, “The City Gate”, The Park” and “Ejbyen”. These three parts each represent specific potentials, there are to be found, in the current, rather complex character of the area. By perceiving Ejby Campus as one unit, composed of different areas with diverse characters, which include a wide range of activities, the municipality and the landowners can approach the different areas offering a variety of equipment.

Project: Development Strategi, Urban design
Location: Glostrup, Denmark
Type: Invited competition
Size: 730.000 m2
Budget: –
Client: Glostrup Municipality, Realdania
Collaboration: CCO, Okra and Smith
Status: 1. Prize, Under development
Service: Development strategy, Landscape design and Public space design


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