Floda - Collage wetlands


Floda is located in a unique natural environment of great beauty adjacent to water and offers a broad range of recreational facilities.

The project FLODA presents a strategy and precise proposals of how to transform flooding and rising water levels into a productive and postive element rather than a destructive and negative one. The project furthermore points to how a local strentgthening of the natural environment can contribute to solutions on climate adaptation, and create new meeting areas along with the development of a socially coherent Floda.

The main concept is to view the water as a revitalizing aspect and an essential part of the eco-system that humans rely upon. We recognize that the value of the nature exceeds the value of the recreational appreciation it offers. The project consists of interventions that enhance the local biodiversity and allow for flora and fauna to flourish. We accomplish this by establishing four defined areas that independently re-articulate and stage the qualities and potentials of the water in an urban context.

THE URBAN INTERSECTION amplifies the city centre and the connections between the area around the station  in west and the Säteri Park in east and the Rurik Holms Street in north and the Skolvägen Street in south commercially, recreationally and spatially.

4 PLAZAS are established in direct relation to the INTERSECTION. They are individually defined and designed in order to offer a broad range of opportunities of activities and physical exercises.

THE PROMENADE merges the city center with the water in a progress of recreational and active spaces and opportunities.

THE WETLANDS  are established in order to restore the natural processes of the nature and simultaneously create an extra buffer for rainwater and water level management.

In total the project offers a contemporary proposal for a sustainable waterfront city that transforms fear and concern for climate change and flooding into recreative spaces, activities, public space of the highest quality and a vibrant and resilient city.

Project: Urban planning
Location: Floda, Sweden
Type: Open competition
Size: 24.000 sqm
Budget: –
Client: –
Collaboration: –
Status: Settled
Service: Masterplan, Activity design, Public space design

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