Holbæk Arena

Holbæk Arena - Main render

Holbæk Municipality held a design competition intended to upgrade the citys sports facilities based on the key words flexibility, openness and inclusiveness.

The competition included a master plan on 42 hectares, containing an overall plan for Holbæk sports facilities, including the necessary infrastructure. The master plan should include a central building, swimming pool, skating rink, velodrome, jumping- and motor coordination hall, movement halls, athletics facilities, jogging and walking trails, play and dance areas, amphitheatre, football stadium, playing fields, tennis courts, BMX track, workshop and garage buildings and recreational areas.

Our winning project “The Holbæk Loop” articulates the inherent focus on physical activity, exercise and health, and takes the city to the next level with a new and more comprehensive approach to urban planning practice. As a central element of the architectural concept of “Holbæk The loop, an active town of Holbæk” is a series of loops that connects the various facilities in the area and at the same offers possibilities for activities.

The goal is clear – Holbæk Arena should make, the citizens of Holbæk Municipality, Everyday champions by creating more and better opportunities for activity, health, play, learning and community. The facilities in the new activity area, should each offer possibilities and activities, and create an open environment where activity in a broad sense is central. This is achieved by creating a number of synergies between the organized and the unorganized sports activities.

“The Holbæk Loop” presents a masterplan and structure, with space for both the elite athlete and the ‘everyday-champion’, because it is within this common field that the unpredictable, lively, active and the playful appear. In the Holbæk Loop people of all demographics will meet despite differences. Physical exercise unites and becomes the common denominator irrespective of age, gender, colour, residence and income.

Project: Masterplan, Urban plan
Location: Holbæk, Denmark
Type: Invited competition
Size: 420.000 sqm
Budget: –
Client: Municipality of Holbæk
Collaboration: COBE, Vilhelm Lauritzen, Rambøll
Status: 1st prize, Under development
Service: Strategy, programming, Landscape design, Activity design.

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