Water for Life in Kokkedal

Torvet, regn


When we augment Nature we augment ourselves. Water for Life in Kokkedal is a inventive and visionary climate adaptation project that developes a more coherent and social sustainable suburb.

Water for Life in Kokkedal derives from the multiplicity of green qualities, structurally and spatially that are present in contemporary Kokkedal. The concept for the defined blue and the defined green is a direct utilization and enhancement of the existing landscape and topography. The principal architectural move creates river valley wedges between the housing units and where the natural direction of the water, running from west to Usserød River in east, is utilized for shared recreational areas for the citizens and users across affiliations and mental barriers.

The meeting-spots are in the overall scheme arranged in a mixture of areas framing the landscape-, urban- and cultural qualities in the River Valley, the Plaza and the Citygreen. It is articulated through the formal language, accommodations and landscape expression. Together the meeting spots create the opportunity for recreational spaces, cultural events and appreciation of nature through out the day. In the River Valley there is furthermore developed meeting spots within the landscape with a strong focus on learning and experiencing flora and fauna. In the Plaza and around the Holmegårdscenter there are opportunities to physical activities, movement, and exercise in a urban context. In the Citygreen the Church of Egedal and the community house contribute to a broad range of cultural arrangements, events, festivities etc.

Project: Masterplan
Location: Kokkedal, Denmark
Type: Invited competition
Size: 690.000 sqm
Budget: –
Client: The municipality of Fredensborg, Realdania
Collaboration: Thing&Wainø, Moe&Brødsgård, KANT Arkitekter og Habitats
Status: Settled
Service: Masterplan, Rainwater handling, Activity design, Urban design

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