Thomas B. Thriges Gade



The Historic New

The masterplan defines new spatial contours in the Thomas B. Thriges Gade and re-articulates the historic city by juxtaposing historic spatial areas with contemporary architecture. It interweaves urbane and green spaces, creates new connections and allows for the traffic to coexist under the condition of an attractive public space.

The future citystructure both reflects and respects the historic qualities of the context but at the same time challenges and adapts it by adjusting buildings and urban space to contemporary energy and climate optimization solutions and a modern way of life. This to secure a future vibrant and playful sustainable city with a broad variety of public spaces. The pedestrian and bicycle friendly city is enhanced by interweaving new urban and green public spaces to a network of rediscovered historic plazas and connections.

The contemporary activities are utilized as an urban transformation strategy that unfolds an urban scenography that directs new adventures based upon Hans Christian Andersen paper-cuts and creates pragmatic solutions such as temporary parking opportunities, a passage over the excavations and spaces for play and activity during the whole of the construction period. This approach allows for the transformation of Thomas B. Thriges Gade to create an inventive city with identity, where the fairy tale doesn’t begin with ‘once upon a time…’ but rather ‘over where the road makes a turn
there lies a city so beautiful’

Project: Masterplan
Location: Odense, Denmark
Type: Invited competition
Size: 51.000 sqm
Client: The municipality of Odense, Realdania
Collaboration: MVRDV, Adept, Thing&Wainø, VIA-Trafik, Esbensen, Sloth&Møller
Service: Development strategy, Temporary activiies, Public space programming and design.

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