In collaboration with Rundquist Architects, Nivå Landscape Architects and Rambøll Traffic, ACT received first prize for the large urban development project within the Valparaiso district in Norra Djurgårdssatden / Värtahamnen in Stockholm.

Our proposal aims to transform the residue of Valparaiso’s hard, industrial landscape, to a sustainable and successful new mixed-use district at the scenic waterfront. Valparaiso is currently a low-lying concrete island bordered by a high-traffic road junction that creates a visual and mental barrier between the adjacent residential districts, city parks, and harbor-side ferry terminal. This contrast between natural topography and infrastructural terrain posed several design challenges in creating a safe, accessible, and attractive destination for local residents and new port-entry visitors.

To ensure an active and accessible new urban destination, our masterplan introduces the Värtavägen corridor, an elevated urban landscape that provides a critical pedestrian link to walk, bike, run, and play between city and port. This new “raised city” creates a pedestrian overpass that houses a large central parking hub supporting new commercial, residential, and tourism programs. The design of the corridor was optimized to connect to surrounding transit and park infrastructure through multi-level access points developed through extensive research in both traffic and port-traveller flows. In this way, improved mobility and efficiency become foundational design features to strengthen and support vibrant public spaces in future Valparaiso.

As an urban connecting element, the pedestrian corridor creates many unique opportunities for activity-based public spaces including recreational loops, pocket parks, play areas, and interactive-learning landscapes that highlight local stormwater management solutions. The pedestrian plinth transitions into a series of “urban pits” that lead to lowered public plazas, shopping centers, local cafes, and provide easy access to the central parking facility. The corridor becomes an integral urban link to the new ferry terminal where visitors, business travelers, investors and residents can enjoy the Värtahamnen’s prized waterfront that has remained inactive and inaccessible for many years. Through these strategic design proposals, Valparaiso becomes an important first port of entry to Stockholm, with a diverse urban and natural landscape that offers sustainable city living, improved safety and accessibility, and opportunities for vibrant and active urban life.

Project: Masterplan
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Type: Prequalified competiton
Size:  85.000 sqm
Budget: –
Client: NCC Property Development
Role: Sub-designer
Collaboration: Rundquist Arkitekter, Nivå Landskapsarkitektur AB, Rambøll
Status: 1. Prize
Service: Masterplan, Urban design, Activity design

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