VandPlus Solrød

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The project VandPlus Solrød responds to the need for an immediate climate change adaptation strategy in the municipality of Solrød. This project transforms an inaccessible and unused plot into a park, activity center, educational laboratory, and water management facility. The project gets its richness from the intersection of these programs.

VandPlus enhances the possibility for physical activities and social exchange within a centrally located plot that has been identified by the Greve Solrød Supply as one of the most important areas for placement of water basins. The project area is adjacent to Solrød Gymnasium, a large five-story housing complex and the Solrød Center. The diversity of surrounding demographics enables large involvement and use of the project area by a variety of users.

The project’s overall structure is defined by a continuous canal that wraps several water basins that will periodically be filled with rainwater. The basins define micro-environments with a variety of characteristics and uses.

Integrated within the structure of the canal and the basins is a playground, a rain garden, a basketball court, climbing facilities, skating opportunities, ball-playing areas, physical exercise equipment and classroom-like facilities that all combined contribute to new ways of exercising and being active. The project also facilitates calm space for social and cultural exchange between the area’s users.

Project: Urban planning, Rainwater management
Location: Solrød, Denmark
Type: Commission
Size: 5000 sqm
Budget: 16 mil. DKR
Client: Municipality of Solrød, GreveSolrødSupply, Realdania, Lokale- og Anlægsfonden
Role: Lead designer and consultant
Collaboration: Rambøll A/S
Status: Planned construction 2014
Service: Urban Planning, Activity-design, rainwater management

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